Hydro Schemes

Currently four hydro schemes give community benefit payments to SCF.

The schemes were developed by Green Highland Renewables who have been developing run-of-river hydro schemes since 2007, from initial concept through to consent, construction, commissioning and generation. They have extensive in-house capability covering planning, development, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.

There are two hydro schemes in Glen Cannich, in the Liatrie burn and Alt Mullardoch, both have a capacity of 0.5 MW and were commissioned in November 2016. A year later we received our first generation royalty payment of £1,000 per scheme and the annual payments have increased each year in line with the RPI.

The two schemes in Glen Affric, Abhainn Gleann nam Fiadh and in Allt Garbh, have a generation capacity of 2MW and 1.48MW, respectively. They were commissioned in July 2017 and the first royalty payment a year later in 2018 was £10,000 & £7,400 respectively. Again, the annual payments have been steadily increasing in line with the RPI. In August 2022, SCF received the first company performance royalty equivalent to a five per cent equity share capital in the two Glen Affric hydro projects which amounted to an additional £9,300.

Liatrie Burn

Location:  Glen Cannich

Output: 0.5 MW

Commissioned: November 2016

Allt Mullardoch

Location: Glen Cannich

Output: 0.5MW

Commissioned: November 2016

Abhainn Gleann nam Fiadh

Location: Glen Affric

Output: 2MW

Commissioned: July 2017

Allt Garbh

Location: Glen Affric

Output: 1.48MW

Commissioned: July 2017

Images reproduced courtesy of

Green Highland Renewables Ltd